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Timothy Blackton

At 44, being a comic newbie has it’s own set of challenges. Chiefly, the ability to stay out late on a weekday. For the last four years, Timothy has entertained NW audiences, from Seattle to Ashland, with his casual, easygoing way and nice guy attitude.

In 2012, He placed 4th in the Willamette Valley Comedy Competition. Although 4th is not noteworthy, it is important to point out that Timothy worked his ass off for the place and the extra $25 it came with.

By day, Timothy works in the corporate theatre-a/v environment. Where he Produces, Directs and Manages for such clients as Nike, Cole Haan, Converse, North Face, Adidas & Freightliner among others.

Here is his brief history: cloth, plastic, underoos, tighty whiteys, boxer briefs, and finally boxers. Timothy is looking forward to the days of plastic again.

He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Tami, their shady cat, and a big white daft dog.

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Concentric Sky architected and developed the Eugene A Go-Go social media platform from the ground up in partnership with the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) and Asbury Design. Some of the main features that were built for the site, relying on the Python programming language and Django Framework, include social media interface and badges, user moderation controls, automatically generated emails, administrative interfaces, and structured Content Management System.

In addition, Concentric Sky also provides the multi-server, managed hosting environment which includes redundant servers and databases and a nginx-based load balancer complete with celery to help manage a large demand from users.

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Asbury Design designed the Eugene A Go-Go logo and the look of the website in partnership with the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) and Concentric Sky.

A Eugene-based company, Asbury Design specializes in corporate branding and marketing and has designed dozens of websites for local businesses and organizations. The company is known for their award-winning design and their focus on strategic, hard-working marketing materials. They also offer a complete range of advertising, branding, graphic design and marketing solutions for both print and web.

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