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Artist Opportunities

Telling Our Stories

Telling our stories is a fun and interactive website where you can find everything you need to tell the stories of YOUR community. Whether it’s a blog about your sports team, a CD of family interviews, a mural in you… More »

Call for Art!

2015 will mark the third year that I have exclusively shown photography in my office art program. The response to participate has been overwhelming and I feel grateful that I have such good support and interest to fro… More »

What's Your Craft Series

The Hop Valley Tasting Room is excited to announce our “What’s your Craft” Series. Here at Hop Valley we sure love our craft beer, but also love the local arts community and engaging in the vibrant artistic culture o… More »

Visual Artist Display

At our Hop Valley Tasting Room located at 990 W. 1st Ave we are looking to add some visual arts to our exciting atmosphere. We have a wonderful space to hang and display artwork and are seeking local artists who ar… More »

Private Studios Available Now

Weekly on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun from 10/03/2011 on at 9:00AM

Clay Space has 13 private studio spaces that range in size from 120 to 240 square feet. These are finished rooms, well lit, with electrical outlets and a lockable door. Studios are unfurnished and members can customize … More »

The Eugene Coloring Book Project: Call for Participants

Weekly on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun from 03/01/2012 on at 9:00AM

In 1979, Rainy Day Press of Eugene, Oregon published The First Eugene, Oregon Coloring Book by Mike Helm and illustrated by Brad Koekkoek. This coloring book presents twenty pages of outlined pictures and commentar… More »

Outdoor artwork needed for the Port of Siuslaw Marina

Weekly on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun 03/04/2015 through 05/31/2015 from 9:00AM until 09:00 PM

The Florence Public Art Steering Committee is requesting proposals for one piece of artwork to be placed at the western end of the Port of Siuslaw Marina, in the landscaped section facing Bay Street. This locatio… More »

Upcoming Events


Sat, May 30

Make your own unique fashion statement by transforming everyday object… More »

At Concentric Sky, we enjoy technology

Web Development in Eugene, Oregon

Concentric Sky architected and developed the Eugene A Go-Go social media platform from the ground up in partnership with the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) and Asbury Design. Some of the main features that were built for the site, relying on the Python programming language and Django Framework, include social media interface and badges, user moderation controls, automatically generated emails, administrative interfaces, and structured Content Management System.

In addition, Concentric Sky also provides the multi-server, managed hosting environment which includes redundant servers and databases and a nginx-based load balancer complete with celery to help manage a large demand from users.

Asbury Design

Asbury Design designed the Eugene A Go-Go logo and the look of the website in partnership with the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) and Concentric Sky.

A Eugene-based company, Asbury Design specializes in corporate branding and marketing and has designed dozens of websites for local businesses and organizations. The company is known for their award-winning design and their focus on strategic, hard-working marketing materials. They also offer a complete range of advertising, branding, graphic design and marketing solutions for both print and web.