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Tie Dye and Tofu: How Mainstream Eugene Became a Counterculture Haven


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"Tie Dye and Tofu" focuses on the tumultuous period from 1965-1975 and its continuing effect on our community. Why has countercuklture influence lasted longer in Eugene (and Lane County) than in many other places in the U.S.? This popular "hippie exhibit" has proven the most popular exhibition the museum has mounted in more than a decade. Extended through September 30, 2011.

Reviews (2)

  • This is a MUST see: The Tie Dye and Tofu exhibit at the Lane County Historical Society and Museum is AWESOME, super well done. Loved the picture of the 4 house busses a local guy (also w/picture) built in the 70s, next to scale model of one house bus. He has been a successful carpenter the last 30 years here in our town. And the Museum is looking fab fab fab as well. MUST see, I'm telling you! Catch it this week as it'll go away.

  • This exhibition is a "must see." It is community-based, meaning over 100 community members donated materials to help the museum create the show. The exhibit is quite comprehensive; accompanying evening programs supplemented the exhibition materials.


At a Glance

  • Price: $
  • Cost Description: $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for seniors, youth 14 and under free.
  • at the Lane County Fairgrounds, 740 W. 13th Ave., Eugene
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